pizza something

Do you have any plans to work in film in the future? you seem really passionate about movies


ever since i was 4 years old i’ve wanted to make movies and i’ve already completed one year in college studying media and film so yeah i really do

Dont know abt the sexist part but u deffo come off like an asshole


honestly i really don’t care if you think i’m an asshole because

  1. i’m actually not 96% of the time
  2. when i am, it’s usually warranted
  3. i don’t actually give a shit what you think of me bcuz for every 1 person who ‘hates’ me there’s like 1000 who like me

Why do you think you're funny? why do you think you bring joy into anyone's life? you're actually a fucking un-funny, **sexist**, arrogant, self righteous, dumb, piece-of-shit, loser.


why do you keep saying sexist please show me some examples of times i’ve been deliberately sexist

Megan Fox as April O_#8217;Neil in the TMNT reboot.

Have you seen Warm Bodies? What did you think of it?


It was okay

antonialo replied your post i didnt answer your ask because it was fuckinG STUPID 

I think once you have tens of thousands of people who know and like you youre allowed to feel at least a little proud but hey thats just me



my bad for checking the straight white male box and collecting my starter pack of 15000 followers when i signed up for and 

like half of those movies are hipster garbage


I see you didn't reply to the message I sent about being grateful that you have enough followers to get your things seen and to make money off of tumblr. And saying you work hard to gain followers is like Paris Hilton talking about being a business woman. You are incredibly entitled and ignorant, and sexist.You really don't seem to understand because your life as a white man has given things to you. And if you just say I have a job I work okay yes that's what everyone does. It's other things.


i didn’t answer your ask because it was fuckinG STUPID 


sorry that i’m not some fucking miserable cunt

sorry for actually trying to bring joy into people’s lives

sorry for making an effort to better myself

sorry for using my talent and skill to benefit myself

fuck you, shitbag

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