hooligan fruit causing trouble at night

Cisgendered. Transabled. Aromantic. Asensual. Demiplatonic. 

None of these are real words. The dictionary says so. Stop using them in your profiles. Stop making up new fucking social justice terms every other week. Stop stop stop stop stOP SOPT

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    Aromantic Asexuals are a thing. These are people who’s brains either don’t produce, or don’t react to the chemicals that...
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    Most of these are really stupid, but why is it bad to say cisgender? It just means your parts match your heart.
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    thats right. how fucking dare you use a word that is not in the dictionary to describe yourself. thats just wrong. the...
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    THAT’S NOT HOW LANGUAGE WORKS Like was stated previously — words get in dictionaries because people made them up, and...
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    Gay/Straight/Bi wasn’t complicated enough already?
  12. jumboshroomp said: BUTTing into this conversation to also talk about all the wonderful asses in swimsuits I saw today. Oh, and also Jeremy Renner’s, but sadly not in person.
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    Lol today I was at a seafood restaurant with my family and my brother saw a waitress with an ass so marvelous he just...
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