who is tumblr’s number 1 alcoholic please vote:

  1. me pizzaforpresident 
  2. josh cliterallysame
  3. aubrey shutupaubrey
  4. andrew andrewbreitel
  5. caroline unecoquette
  6. stuart stuartsometimes


  1. baebees answered: 3
  2. xbox420 answered: Why am i not in on this? i may only be 17 but i passed out with a bottle of cider in my hands at 2am last night, white trash award?
  3. shutupaubrey reblogged this from rhyse and added:
    you guys cannot be serious come ON
  4. glassyeyedghosts answered: pizzaforpresident xox
  5. idyles answered: 2
  6. funkybug answered: caroline that fucker
  7. thighrabanks answered: 2 josh cliterally same is it even a question?
  8. daddyluigi answered: Josh
  9. playstationthreeisonhiatus answered: josh cliterallysame
  10. prostitourettes answered: josh is always drunk so josh
  11. lloydsatan answered: aubrey
  12. fuckmebatman answered: wow cliterallysame 5ever
  13. literallysame reblogged this from rhyse and added:
    I can’t breathe no one voted for me lmao
  14. whatkindoftree answered: u
  15. thecrapstitution answered: you
  16. deathbycuteboy said: 1
  17. hypergoth answered: tumblrbot
  18. motioncitytrainwreck answered: 1
  19. shutupaubrey said: um no me first
  20. shutupaubrey answered: um no it
  21. meghcham said: andrew
  22. aneufheures answered: aubrey shutupaubrey
  23. bigtess answered: yes
  24. zarsala answered: andrew
  25. katiejanekaboom said: Stuart!
  26. scottpilgrirn answered: the results will be biased, but I’m still voting for you
  27. overlordclinton answered: pizzaforpresident
  28. evilgf answered: u
  29. awesomeconklin answered: PIZZAFORPRESIDENT
  30. drewbiebered answered: cliterallysame
  31. kaboodlenoodle answered: aubrey.
  32. 911official answered: josh lol
  33. karengilan answered: aubrey
  34. cosmhaut answered: Grace Helbig