i’ve had a donate button longer than most people have had blogs

i literally only put it there because my dad told me to when i started gaining followers

i used to get soooooo much flak for it

literally every day i got a new message telling me i was a piece of shit for having a donate button




why is it such a huge concern to people that i have a button and that sometimes, every now and then, someone throws me a dollar or two

it’s a tip jar

it’s an internet tip jar

wanna buy me a shot? come to my town and hang out at the bar with me. can’t do that but really want to for some reason? toss a couple bucks my way via the donate button

why is that so hard to understand


i’m not good at accepting donations

i mean, i have

because i’ve been so fucking broke these past couple months and i haven’t had the luxury of saying no

but they always made me feel really bad

sorry, i’m rambling again

but like

here’s the thing


other people with buttons have big long pages about their internet girlfriend/boyfriend whatever and how much they want to visit them

they ask and make posts asking for money and stuff by a certain date

i (don’t think i) have never asked for money

i’ve made passing observations (that are undeniably true, ex: 0.85% of my followers could give me a dollar and i’d be able to go on vacation) but i’m pretty sure that i’ve never actively asked for anything 

it’s always just kinda been there

free for you to ignore

or pitch in

whatevs dude

my blog is free and always will be


holy shit i literally dont know what im saying anymore ok time for bed 


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  3. mindmazes said: singers get paid, comedians get paid, actors get paid, hell youtubers get paid you are a form of entertainer if people want to tip you they have that option because they enjoy your entertainment fuck it is simple dont feel bad
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  5. katiejanekaboom said: Your donate button is great and I have no bad feelings of you having it. It gets sad when people ask for donations for a certain thing and then later go “lol i spent it on this lol suckers” You don’t beg, you just put it there, That’s cool.
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